just look what i've got for you
just look what i've got for you

Momus had to re-release this CD without the song “Michelin Man”. Here it comes in its full glory, compressed to an .mp3-file for all you collectors out there. Just click on the original Hippopotamomus-Cover to download it.

Talking about Momus: he has just released a compilation of songs by Stereo Total (“best band in the world”) on his Label Analog Baroque. Click their CD to see them performing “Movie Star” live. (mpg-file, 5.5 MB). Then go out and buy all their records.

Subterfuge is an excellent band from Cologne. Currently they´re touring Germany together with Readymade. Click on the picture to download their beautiful cover version of “They don´t know”. If you like it check out the band´s website: www.subterfuge.de

stereo total

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